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11Plus Advantages of Technology in Globalization Essay

Globalization is the process in which the people of a country get the benefits of the products and services produced in other countries, that are not otherwise available locally. This can either be by buying them or directly by importing them into your country.

In which my we provide advantages of technology in globalization. with globalization in full force and technology being the driving force behind everything, it’s no wonder we’ve seen an increase in the number of people that want to succeed globally. 

Role of Technology in Globalization

Technology also plays a critical role in expanding your market reach, through the use of social media, email, and other internet-based advertising. As mentioned earlier, technology has made it easier for you to compete globally. It has allowed you to reach out in ways that have never been done before.

Technology has also started to play a major role in the new economy. The new economy is defined by the fact that the collective purchasing power of the masses has surpassed that of large companies and governments.

Advantages of Technology in Globalization Essay

Advantages of technology in globalization essay. The biggest advantage technology has brought on a global scale is that it has bridged the gap between different cultures. Advantages of technology include the ability to communicate with people from other countries, but also make it easier for businesses that want to expand overseas. Let’s discuss the advantages of technology in globalization:

1. New Opportunities for Businesses

One of the biggest advantages of technology is its ability to provide new opportunities for businesses. It enables them to expand their services, reach out to a bigger range of customers, and improve their services even further. New opportunities create in business to technology Globalization.

2. One World Economy

One of the biggest advantages of technology is that it makes globalization possible. It has done so through a decrease in international trade barriers and the creation of new economic opportunities. It has also achieved this by giving businesses access to information and markets.

3. International Communication

Technology has improved communication between different countries, thus enabling them to widen their business connections through one-click phone calls, e-mail and instant messaging, video conferencing, and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

4. Economic Growth

Technology has contributed greatly to economic growth, especially in developing countries. The internet has provided billions of people with the ability to access financial services, and information. In essence, this is what technology brings to the table on a global level.

5. Faster Technological Innovation

Technology has made it possible for businesses to interact with customers and suppliers more efficiently and effectively. Thus, making it possible to achieve technological innovations much faster than ever before.

6. Rise of Online Communities

Technology has provided an opportunity for people to connect. This is the reason why you can access Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Which provides you with the opportunity to create online communities, where you can share ideas, photos, and videos with your friends across the world.

7. Businesses Increase Profits

Technology enables businesses to increase profits and sales by providing information about current market trends, sales of its competitors, and even new products or services on the market. Globalization increase business profile because it increases new business opportunities.

8. Reduction in Transactional Costs

Technology has in effect reduced transactional costs for businesses by allowing for the reduction of paperwork and travel costs to trade fairs, conferences, exhibitions, and other important events.

9. Globalization

Globalization has been made possible by technology, which allows the sharing of information, products, and services between countries. Many companies have made use of this to expand their business reach, which eventually leads to a rise in profit margins.

10. Reduction in Distribution Costs

Technology has reduced the distribution costs for businesses by providing information and possibilities to buy products or services online by simply accessing the internet. Globalization also reduces distribution costs.

11. Promote Worthwhile Development

Technology has enabled the creation of a variety of development centers whose aim is to provide services and support for businesses. In addition, it also includes helping companies find and hire the best workers for any job openings.

12. Easier International Trade

Technology makes it easier to trade goods on a global level. Many businesses have been able to flourish with their e-commerce websites, making it easier for people to purchase their products online and having them delivered to their doorsteps.

Technology Globalization Examples

In technology globalization, a lot of examples see globalization in technology. In which we discuss the two Big examples of globalization example.

1. Growth of Multinational Technology Corporations

The expansion of multinational technology corporations is one of the biggest examples of technological advancement. Multinational companies that have offices in different countries can take advantage of technological advancements, whether it be through the use of online commerce or online marketing. Many big companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, and IBM have strategically used technology to improve their global reach.

2. Opening up Business to the World

Technology enables a company to open up the business to the world by providing information regarding how they can easily start their own business, where they can go for information, and even contact them. Technology has also been used by multinational companies, such as Apple, of course, to gain more customers on a global scale. Google has also made it possible for people from all over the world to search for products, services, or even content with ease.

What are the Benefits of Technology on the Global Economy?

There are many benefits of technology in the global economy. The advancement of technology has enabled us to enjoy the online world just as much as we do in real life.

Technology has also made communication easier for people around the globe. This has led to the development of multinational companies that have an international presence, thus enabling businesses to run on a global scale, with fewer difficulties.

  • Ease of Communication.
  • Increase in Tourism.
  • Reduction in Marketing Costs.
  • Global Distribution of Content.
  • Reduction in Production Costs.
  • Faster Technological Innovations and Information.
  • Higher Levels of International Trade and Economic Growth.
  • Information Sharing.

Impact of Technology on Globalization Essay

Since technology has come to a new level of culture, globalization has increased as well. Technology has made it easier for you to reach people all over the world, even if you only have a small budget for it.

Many companies have taken advantage of this, offering their services to anyone interested in what they are offering.

They do this through the use of social media, like Facebook, Twitter, and something as simple as email. It’s gotten to the point where one can even get a global business up and running in a short time, minimizing risk and maximizing profit potential.


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