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What are the main Disadvantages of Brainstorming?

Disadvantages of Brainstorming

Brainstorming is a technique used to generate new ideas and can be beneficial in many areas. However, brainstorming has its own set of obstacles that could stand in the way of realizing your idea. It is one of the most popular ways to solve problems and come up with creative new ideas. And while brainstorming may seem like a good idea, it really has its disadvantages too. Read on to learn more about the disadvantages of brainstorming.

Brainstorming is an often-used method of generating a large number of ideas for solving a problem. It sessions are supposed to improve the quality of ideas by generating many different options and then choosing between them. In some cases, brainstorming may have undesired results. There are many disadvantages of brainstorming such as

1. Some Participants are quieter and don’t like to speak spontaneously in groups

Some people feel uncomfortable speaking up in groups. They are quiet and will not be able to take advantage of the group sessions that brainstorming calls for. This makes their ideas less likely to be heard and accepted.

2. Other Participants Speak too much

Some people will talk too much. They will not be able to contribute to the group, but they will talk anyway. So they will overstep the boundaries of what is allowed to speak in a brainstorming session and end up ruining the idea-generation process. However, some people are work shifters and will just talk no matter what. They will not be able to focus on others, nor will they feel comfortable speaking in a group of strangers writing down ideas on pieces of paper.

3. Some participants need longer to understand the theme and can’t immediately provide ideas

Some participants will not understand the theme of the discussion and will remain quiet until they understand. It may take some time for them to contribute ideas. It may be slower than other participants in generating ideas.

4. It’s not possible to cover all risks by brainstorming

Brainstorming can generate only a limited number of ideas. And it is not possible to cover all the risks, side effects, and consequences with so few ideas. So there may be more negative effects than positive ones that are generated during brainstorming sessions.

5. Overlapping of Ideas is Possible

The overlap of the same idea with multiple people in the group is possible, which causes the idea to be repeated and sometimes makes it impossible to select which one is better. This could make the problem worse than before. It is also possible that some people in the group will share common ideas and no one will realize it.

6. Some Dump Ideas may also be Accepted for Evaluation

Dump ideas are just simplified versions of large and complex ideas. So it is possible that the work done on these kinds of ideas will be wasted during the evaluation process. It will mean that you have to go through the garbage to find a good idea. It will also mean that any ideas that are developed by these dump ideas will not be accepted.

7. Brainstorming Session is not Efficient

Brainstorming sessions are less effective than other brainstorming sessions. It is necessary to improvise on the concepts and ideas presented in the first part of the session. Sometimes, at the end of some sessions, new ideas are not available to solve the problem. The brainstorming session will become a big waste of time. So you have to keep in mind that brainstorming is an effective technique for generating ideas for solving problems if it is conducted properly.

8. Some Participants just want Credit and Prizes

Some people will try to solve the problem by themselves. They will look for solutions that are simple, straightforward, and easy to implement. They will try to get credit and prizes for the solutions that they propose. They will strive to get the best solution, even if it is not the best solution that can be attained with brainstorming techniques.

9. The group is not properly controlled

A properly managed brainstorming session is important. Group members should be encouraged to speak out and more shy people should also be encouraged to participate. The session will become a huge waste of time if there is no coordination among group members or with the facilitator.

10. Raising Expectations

No one wants to spend their time on an unproductive activity. So, thinking about the disadvantages of brainstorming before starting may result in less potential ideas. It will also mean that you will have a better chance of successfully solving your problem.

11. Time Consuming

Some think that thinking about the disadvantages of brainstorming is wasted time, but this is not true. Brainstorming sessions can be very productive if you use it properly. You will be able to generate a lot of ideas and solve problems. However, you may need more time to generate a good number of ideas.

12. Utopian Ideas

Sometimes optimistic groups think that a solution will be easy to reach if only they continue brainstorming. They may not have enough information about the problem at hand to know about the number of challenges that still lie ahead.

13. Wiseacres

Some people are wiseacres, which means that they have too much knowledge about the subject and can solve most problems. You may get solutions that are not appropriate to your problem. You will not be able to generate good ideas if you have a wiseacre in your group.

14. Unproductive people

Some people will participate in brainstorming sessions just to get out of their work or to have fun. They are not interested in solving the problem efficiently, only enjoying themselves. So you should ensure that there are no unproductive people in your group.

15. Egotistical People

Egotistical team members will not listen to other participants and they may try to take control of the session. They will give their own opinion without listening to others. They will not be willing to accept different ideas from others.

16. Agreeable People

Some people are easygoing and don’t need any specific training or motivation to work or participate in a brainstorming session. They will just do what is required. They will not be able to generate a lot of ideas because they are agreeable people.

17. Feeling Pressured to come up with Good ideas

Sometimes, some teams feel that there is too much pressure on them to come up with good ideas. Teams may feel that there is no time for a brainstorming session and they may think that they need to solve the problem in 30 minutes. This will result in failure because they will not get good ideas.


my aim in this article is to share my own experience and knowledge about the disadvantages of brainstorming sessions in particular. I hope that you would be able to solve some of your problems. I hope this article would help you a lot.


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