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Role of Mathematics in Modern Technology PPT

Mathematics is the language of science and technology. It is the means to describe and understand natural phenomena, such as those related to everyday life. It is an important part of modern technology. It helps in solving problems and making decisions.

It is also used in various fields such as engineering, finance, and business. With the advancement of technology, mathematicians are needed to help designers create efficient and more reliable. In which we discuss Role of Mathematics in Modern Technology.


The definition of the word “role” is the position or function played by a person or thing in a particular activity, situation. Role is a characteristic.


The study of the properties of matter, numbers, and the structure of the universe, using numbers and symbols.

Role of Mathematics in Modern Technology

Mathematics has played a significant role in the development of modern technology. By understanding mathematical relationships, engineers can create models that help them design and test products. Additionally, mathematicians are able to solve problems quickly and easily, which helps them develop innovative solutions.

1. In Daily Life

We are not aware of the simple formulas in our daily lives. Some examples are:

The formula: 1+1=2

Mathematics has shown how quantity is consistent with substance. The formula shows that quantity is nothing but a combination of one and one.

The world is full of mysteries. The understanding of Mathematics helps in solving problems. In physics, differential equations are used to calculate the time for an object moving under certain conditions.

2. In Banking Saving & Credit

in banking, interest is calculated from the rate of interest calculated from the factors that affect the use. Saving Account 3% interest rate annually.

The formula: I=PQ

The formula shows the rate of saving in saving account is calculated from the rate of deposit and amount. So, the formula shows that the amount made for saving, it is calculated from deposit money and daily deposit etc.

3. As a Calculator

In our daily life, we use calculator to calculate the complicated calculation quickly and easily. The formula is the same as online computing calculators or separate calculator machine. use mathematics symbols. Implement the different operation. Making Graph of data. In learning mathematics (Analytic geometry, calculus, algebra).

4. Building

Also make know the area of ​​the building by using math’s formulas. Give optimum value the usage of things.

5. Miners’ Life

In mining, we use mathematical formulas to work out the size of the ore and the dimensions of the mine. also calculate the amount of time spent in digging to find ore and dimension in which it is dug, etc.

6. As a Engineering Field

In modern technology, two main areas:

  • Mechanical engineering: The study and application of mathematics that deals with forces and movements pertaining to a heavy object.
  • Electrical engineering: The study of energy transfers and inter-connections in heterogeneous systems.

7. In Computer Field

It is estimated that today, thousands of mathematicians are involved in developing programs for computers every day. They develop applications for different areas like medical, physics, engineering and business etc.

Computer science: The study of mathematical methods and principles used in the development of computer hardware and software.

8. In Business Field

There are numerous different online or other companies in the entire world that offering example laptop, mobile and many other things for sale at very lo prices.

By the use of mathematics, we decide which product is profitable and which one is not. Same as in Management with this theory. It is a philosophic way of study, concerned with discovering principles and relationships in complex material.

9. In Video Game Field

We use mathematics in making Computer game. In a video game, there are levels like in the World of Warcraft:
Book of War (BoW), there are fighting tactics that each player will have to deal with. which various types of weapons, armor, and spells he or she will have to use to overcome the challenges in each level.

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